6th of November
More great news! We are doing couple of gigs in spring 2014. After that there's gonna be a bit longer gig break because we will be focusing on our upcoming debut album. So now is your change to see our new drummer, Huuki, perform live! See all forthcoming gigs via live-section.

10th of October 2013
After a long anticipation, we are more than pleased to welcome a new member in Humangod's roster! Mikael Huuki will step in to fill the void left by Aki. Stay tuned for more information about our new drummer magician and future plans. Things are finally, once again, starting to take place...

5th of April 2013
Humangod T-shirts are here! You can order them via our shop-section.

Humangod T-shirt

5th of February 2013
"Dead Water" has now become available on Spotify!

14th of January 2013
Pictures from Lepakkomies, Helsinki here!

29th of November 2012
More pictures from Liberte by Kalle Levola here!

28th of November 2012
Pictures from Liberte, Helsinki by Toni Salminen here!

25th of October 2012
Pictures from Bar Bäkkäri / Green Room, Helsinki here!

17th of September 2012
Bad news for you Humangods! Aki Kuokkanen has decided to leave the band. There is no dramatic events behind this and the decision is purely Aki's own. We hope all the best for his future musical endeavours! And luckily he promised to take care of the gigs that's been booked already.

So ATTENTION! WE ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW DRUMMER! IS IT YOU? If not, at least please, spread the word!

You can contact humangod[at] for more information.

14th of September 2012
The opening track of "Dead Water" promo cd is now also available for free. So go ahead and have a taste of Dead Water!

22nd of August 2012
Humangod has been acknowledged by Full Metal Service and therefore joined their roster! Check out FMS on facebook.

7th of August 2012
Success story of Dead Water continues in Lammas Zine!

16th of July 2012
Yet another victory for Dead Water! Check out the "PRKL: ARVIOT" -section (page 35) of the latest issue of Sue magazine (7/2012).

English translation of the review also available here.

29th of June 2012
Dead water got another killer review by! Check out the review here.

31st of May 2012
Pictures from Liberte, Helsinki here!

28th of May 2012
Here are the lyrics for the Dead Water promo single:
Dead Water
Behind Words

25th of May 2012
Pictures from Bilis, Kerava here!

15th of May 2012
Dead Water was praised by! Check out the review here.

4th of May 2012
Pictures from Blackpool, Järvenpää here!

27th of April 2012
Pictures from Back Room, Kotka here!

14th of April 2012
Pictures from Lepakkomies, Helsinki here!

4th of April 2012
We have opened a new "Shop"-section where you can purchase our products. So go ahead and order yourself a copy or two of the new awesome "Dead Water" promo cd!

Also "Behind Words", the second track of the upcoming promo cd, is now available for free here!

24th of March 2012
Pictures from Bar Soho, Porvoo here!

16th of February 2012
We will barricade ourselves into D-Studio in the beginning of next month. Our new promo single "Dead Water" will be released at the end of March. So stay tuned!

3rd of Janyary 2012

Over and beyond dead waters -tour is starting to take it's form! Keep a close eye on the live-section and come see us rock!

7th of December 2011
Thank you so much all of you who participated in our very first gigs during this autumn! We really appreciate it. We had a blast! Hopefully you did too!

We will release our next promo cd in spring 2012. That will of course result in some serious touring around Finland! So stay tuned!

Pictures from our last gig (Blackpool, Järvenpää) can be found here!

17th of November 2011
Pictures from Liberte, Helsinki here!

11th of November 2011
Unfortunately the gig at Bar Bäkkäri/Green Room is cancelled due to a big charity event taking place at Green Room at the same time.

8th of November 2011
Pictures from Klubi, Turku here!

23rd of October 2011
Check out pictures from On The Rocks here!

21st of October 2011
New really "wet" promotional pictures have arrived! You can find them under the media-section.

16th of October 2011
More pictures from Lepakkomies by Toni Salminen can be found here!

14th of October 2011
Another gig at Tampere booked for this year. Simply marvellous!

3rd of October 2011
Check out pictures from S-Osis here!

28th of September 2011
Check out pictures from Lepakkomies here!

9th of September 2011
Unfortunately all the "Show Case" gigs of year-end at Jack the Rooster are cancelled. So we will not be performing at Tampere on 21st of September.

13th of August 2011
Keep a close eye on the live-section. A few more gigs has just been added and more will be pronounced soon!

17th of June 2011
Now it all begins! First confirmed Humangod gig is finally reality! Be sure to check out the live-section because there will be plenty more gigs to be announced very soon! Rock!

25th of March 2011
Humangod has finally been revived after a short period of missing musicians! We will start recording a new promo release as soon as possible. And after that... See you on gigs!

Current line-up:
Janne Kauppi - Vocals
Juha Väinölä - Guitars
Lauri Salomaa - Keyboards
Tommy Olenius - Bass
Aki Kuokkanen - Drums

23rd of February 2011
We are still seeking for a skilled keyboard player. Contact us immediately if you think you are worthy enough to take up the gauntlet! Once we have found our missing member we will start doing gigs right away and head towards studio to record another promo cd.

11th of February 2011
Another success for Connectin To Humanity! Thank you! Read the review here. English translation coming soon...

26th of October 2010
Connecting To Humanity got pretty damn decent review in Soundi magazine! Check it out here! English translation coming soon...

24th of March 2010
You can order the all mighty "Connecting To Humanity" promo cd by clicking here!

5th of March 2010
Second part of the video summary from D-Studio is now available here!

11th of February 2010
Humangod is looking for a skilled bassist and keyboard player. Guaranteed fame and glory awaits anyone who thinks they are worthy of applying for Humangod! So send an email to wainola[at]

9th of February 2010
Humangod has released their debyt promo cd called "Connecting To Humanity". You can find details about "Connecting To Humanity" here.

There is also a video summary available about us messing around and recording "Connecting To Humanity" promo at D-Studio here!

8th of February 2010
Humangod has been born! Check out all the cool stuff found within these pages!



No upcoming gigs at the moment